After the crit: film or performance?


Yesterday, after I presented my experimental pieces, there comes a question that whether would the form of this piece be a film or a performance. I am still swinging between the two of them, however, considering all the advice I received during the crit, I do need to determine it before I proceed any further.


Reviewing those experiments (videos), it comes to my attention that my destination has become blurred as I am tending to another direction which is simply repetitions rather than the repetition of breaking and fixing. The idea of the videos was not even about me, I mean, it’s not important for me to be a figure in the videos cuz what I wanted to convey is that I am nobody, anyone could be that figure in the image cuz it could be anyone. Therefore there is no more need to do a performance work since it could not directly or accurately express what I’m trying to say. To this degree, if I want to make the video idea really work for my piece, I would say maybe I should choose the film.

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